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"I was not able to get down into or up out of sedan cars and I was only in my 30’s! I had to go to bed very early, often before my kids, so I missed that precious time reading them bed time stories. I started taking Body Balance, OsteoProCare and FlexeoPlus every day. Within three months I felt more energy and feelings of joy… lighter. " — Traci M. , Corvallis, OR

"My husband and I have been using FlexeoPlus along with OsteoProCare for several years. While many friends and family members in our age group suffer with bone and joint issues, we are flexible and mobile. We enjoy being able to hike and attend yoga classes regularly." — Mary Jo W. , Corvallis, OR

"I have had bad skin for as long as I can remember.  I found that when taking 6 ounces of Body Balance my skin is much improved." — Morven B. , Kitchener, ON, Canada

"I had been suffering from digestive problems for years even though I had changed many eating habits. I was at a loss on what to do. Then one day a friend had me try Body Balance. After a week of drinking 8 ounces a day, I felt something different in my metabolism. After about two weeks, I was certain that the drink was having an obvious effect that no supplement or even food ever had. I have now been drinking it daily for over 5 years. I feel more energetic, I deal with stress better, my digestion is more normal, and my appetite is healthier because I crave sugary foods less. I used to feel that I needed to eat more even though I was full. Now I don’t." — Tim R. , Durango, CO

"WOW. I am amazed and grateful at the weight and inches lost in just 8 weeks. I lost 9 pounds and I am down to the lowest weight I have been in 26 years!" — Robin T. , Durango, CO

"LFI products are truly amazing. My 67-year-old mom, who was having issues with her hips, recently completed a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon - down to the bottom and back up - with the help of 4 oz. of Body Balance a day. And I've been drinking 8 oz. a day for almost two years and I'm in some of the best shape of my life!" — Jaime F. , Columbus, OH

"A few weeks of taking Body Balance, I began to notice I wasn’t falling asleep after my evening chores were done and I was completing projects that had sat for ages because I hadn’t the energy to tackle them after a full day of required farm chores. I also noticed rather quickly that I wasn’t hungry throughout the day and I was losing weight too! " — Cynthia M. , Creswell, OR

"I started with just taking Body Balance. In the first 3 months I had lost about 12 lbs. I then added a couple of other Life Force products: AminoCharge Protein Shake, TrueGreens and OsteoProCare. Wow, did things take off then! I continued to loose weight over the next 6 months until I got down to a great weight for me - 25lbs lighter - and here I have stayed for over 6 years! I have great energy and will use Life Force products for the rest of my life!" — Francie O. , Corvallis, OR

"The end of last year was my breaking point; I was tired of feeling tired all the time. Tired of being a flake on family and friends. Tired of living. I found joy in nothing. For the last three months I laid in bed 24hrs a day and cried. My mother-in-law had been telling me to take Body Balance for the last three years and I resisted every time. I finally relented and after taking it for a month I notice change in the way I feel so I signed up for the BENew Weight Loss Program too. I felt the difference immediately! I have NEVER felt so alert, aware, and ALIVE! I am positive, smiling again and feeling so energetic I actually started working out. I can’t put into words the exact feeling that I have but it is incredible…with tears in my eyes I share that I am back!" — Jenny M. , San Antonio, TX

"Within 6 months of becoming a Life Force Member, I am now earning enough income to pay for my alpacas’ feed. That is not a mundane amount. I have a herd of 30 alpacas and purchase almost 8 tons of hay a year plus their grain! The income has eased much of the negative and unhealthy financial stress and worries and the future looks much more hopeful again. " — Cynthia M. , Creswell, OR

Kick Up the Intensity to Kick Out the Fat | 7/10/2014
​High intensity exercise is a great way to lose weight and get the lean body you want.  When your heart rate rises above 75% of its max, it has been shown to increase your metabolism, which burns more calories. 
3 Ways to Improve Your Eating Willpower | 7/10/2014
Sometimes, reaching those fitness goals is about working smarter, not harder. Since your environment is often stronger than your will, start with this area first. Taking tempting foods or behaviors out of the equation may be a huge stepping stone for you, and this may surprise you. 

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